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We we the first online for sure. There’s no two ways about it. A Limited Company with a director wont protect your website and domain name, only the massive costs you get from legal fees when you wrap it up after losing the case in court. We will then chase directory assets for legal fees.

We’ve got around 14 domain names active and established all setup before Jan 2008 (when your domain was purchased) and had our branding already established then. You’ve not got a leg to stand on when it goes to Nominets governing panel. And if you don’t turn up it’s an automatic win.


Your branding rips ours off, and now we have dozens of legitimate cases where people have signed up with our site and then tried to login yours, and even worse signed up to your site and then tried to login ours.

This is the exact scenario required to start a court case.


Our Barrister Has Our Case Ready

We strongly believe that a short court battle would allow us to obtain not only your domain name but your whole website and its content, and all the money you’ve earned from it, you would owe to us as you used our branding, and then when we win, our legal fees, and when you liquidate, directors guarantors and / or assets will be collected via a high court writ.

Nominet Have Been Informed of Plagiarism

This is cheaper for you and us. But to be fair, I think I want the money and legal battle so it’s done legally via the courts as it’s the business you’ve ripped off and copied and profited with, not just a domain. So this isn’t our first choice.

We Have Put Aside Money, Lots Of Money

We have put a lot of money to one side for our very very expensive London Q.C. – But we don’t mind paying it out, we will be getting it back – or selling the debt on and then it’ll go via the high court. “Can’t pay, we’ll take it away!” lol

Awesome Geezer

Glasses make him better

Smarmy Sideshot

Glasses do well here too

Laughing All The Way To The Bank

Could probably lose these ones mind

The other option of course is to pay 4.99 for a .co.uk, or 9.99 for a .com, and then switch your domain name in your hosting settings for free, then in your invision settings for free, and then 301 redirect old domain URLS to new, and lose no traffic, no SEO benefits (not that you have much) and no members etc etc etc

And just think of a new bloody name.

ElectricalNetwork.co.uk or maybe AwesomeSparks.com or JustAnythingFuckingElseButNotMyName.com

I’m going give it until Christmas and then smash the them types of letters out to all the mods and admins, all party to the plagiarism it’s not just the owner of the shell company setup to try and avoid all this. You know them letters you get and you think shiiiiit, I need to sort this right now. But they’ve arrived around Christmas when you need less stress not more.

Go speak to some legals, go speak to some invision makers, speak to your web host about how much GB of traffic he can outbandwidth before your website, and all other websites on the same shared hosting server crash, and how many staff members they have to deliver millions of hits to null so your sites come back online.

Go have a word with yourself.

Do the right thing before December.