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First Forum Using Domain

17th April 2007 we bought
15th Jan 2008 they bought
(click those dates to check yourself)

First Forum to 1.5m Posts

We have 1.5m posts, they don’t have 500k yet and they’ve got some right stupid threads going to try increase post count

First Forum with 45,000 members

We erase unused account, allow members to erase their account, have zero spam accounts get through, and have 45,000+ genuine members. They have sub 25,000 and nearly half automated bot accounts with zero posts.


It would cost them the price of a .com domain name to change their whole website over to a new unique name of their own that saves no confusion.

It is possible to 301 redirect all old traffic to the new domain. We just did it with our to .net change.

We would have chosen another brand name but WE HAVE 12 DOMAINS OF THE SAME BRANDING YOU NUMPTIES!


Get your bloody own and stop riding on the back of our traffic ya fuckers.

Stick with a if you wish

Just make sure you’ve used more than a single brain cell and a tiny bit of thinking power so you can come up with a name of your own instead of jumping on the back of somebody else’s branding.

Domain Terrorists

“I was confused I thought I’d signed up to and then found the other domain and tried to login to that instead”

Janet Morris; genuine case

“I signed up to in 2007 and then in 2008 thought the domain had changed, I quickly learnt it was a criminal copycat”

Willie Brown; actual member who’s pissed off still to this day

“I think we should just DDOS the fuck out of them during all their busy periods until their hosting costs more than its worth because they need to outbandwidth the traffic which is very costly”

Sean Fisher; ethical hacker

Let’s work together to stop you being a problem for us

We will help you FOC to fuck off onto a domain name of your own. If you can only use domain names that we can think up, we can think up a few for you and you use your little fat fingers to pick one out of a hat – ya cunts | TEF

So a guy sees new electrical forum, joins it, kicks around on it and gets a ban, creates his own and doesn’t have much between the ears so the only name he can come up with is one exactly the same as the one he’s been banned on. Did he A) choose it to ride off the back of it B) choose it because he was banned from the first one or C) all of the above?

Whichever it was, his website isn’t his own, he’s just using it until it is claimed by the owner of the brand he’s borrowing without permission.